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by Asd fg (29.09.2021)

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Mimin is still confused about writing tips and tricks for playing games, tips and tricks for playing the game has been changed to Android tips and tricks, right, guys? This time we will discuss smartphone wallpapers, so that your smartphone looks more stylish, let's see the tips and tricks below.

Some smartphone users only use smartphones for the purpose of communicating, even though on smartphones there are many features that can be used other than communicating. In addition to communicating, smartphones can also be a form of entertainment, not only from the internet or from games.

Wallpapers and themes can also make your mood better when you open your smartphone. On this happy occasion, "lecture, bro?" we will provide tips so that your smartphone has a cooler appearance.

Define Theme.

Before you search for images you have to determine the theme of your smartphone first. If your smartphone wants to look more spooky, you can look for images of demons or mystical things. But if you are a game lover, you can look for wallpapers from games you like, for example DOTA 2 or others.

Look for High Resolution.

anime wallpaper hd lock screen - The first thing you should do when looking for cool wallpapers for your smartphone is look for high-resolution images. With a high resolution, the sharpness of the image will make your smartphone more pleasing to the eye. In addition, with high resolution, you can also edit a few images that you download to make them more compatible with your smartphone.

Also pay attention to the color and shape of the icon.

Usually on the original smartphone, the display of their smartphone is still in a standard state or factory default. Here you have to be smart to see the color composition and icon shape of your smartphone, so that the wallpaper seems to blend with the look of the smartphone.

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