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It seems that this will repeat itself as technology develops, and will not stop at any time.

Modern Technology Development

In the modern era, technology is developing very rapidly and massively, there are many fields that have undergone massive changes due to being displaced by technology.

One of the biggest ones is wartel (telephone shop) and internet cafe (internet cafe). Both of them are no longer relevant considering that everyone currently has a smartphone that can be used to make calls and access the internet network.

If drawn based on the history of its development, this is the history of the development of modern technology in Indonesia and the world.

Radio is a crucial technology that is a source of information as well as entertainment. The development of radio in Indonesia was recorded to have started in the 1920s, when the Dutch colonial government built several radio stations for internal purposes.

Nyaatech - The milestone in the history of radio technology in Indonesia occurred in 1945, when the Indonesian government succeeded in building the first national radio station named RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia).

Who hasn't heard the news about the Palapa satellite? The launch of the Palapa satellite in the New Order era (July 8, 1976) was Indonesia's effort to respond to effective communication and information sovereignty.

3. The emergence of the Internet (1988)
Starting with an Internet Protocol (IP) development project called UI-NETLAB at the University of Indonesia, internet technology has begun to develop in Indonesia. The first internet technology made by ISP IndoNet appeared in 1994 by utilizing dial-up services. Then about a year later (1995), the Post Telecommunication Department issued a business license which was a green light signal related to the network industry in the country.

If you look back at the past 10 or 15 years, technological developments in Indonesia have indeed grown so fast. This development seems to have brought changes in all fields, so that it can be felt by all groups.

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