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Credit card - what credit card?
Credit cards are plastic cards issued by financial institutions and allow their owners to borrow money from publishers for purchases

Credit cards are plastic cards (in standard wallet sizes) which contain a short magnetic tape strip and / or data chip that contains information that will notify the device to read credit cards that are credit card owners, their account numbers, etc.

This allows credit card holders to pay for merchandise or service with credit instead of using cash or writing checks.

The best card for use
People with a credit card will agree about how easy it is to make a purchase with it. In fact, it's much easier than using a debit card. However, between the two, using a debit card is still better and safer due to the fact that he is not interested and the user will never be beyond his ability.

Meanwhile, below are some examples when using a credit card over a better debit card:


# 1 rent hotel room
Credit cards are a better choice here because it also allows hotels to charge room service or food booked by card holders.


Gift # 2.
There are many credit cards that offer gifts such as travel incentives or free miles and return money prizes.


# 3 cash transactions anywhere
When traveling, it's not only uncomfortable but it's also not safe to bring cash everywhere. Using a less large card because tourists don't need to carry bills.


# 4 emergency payments
Making unplanned payments may be the best part of having a credit card - has the power to make emergency payments even with the absence of cash. One example is an accident or travel to the emergency room.


Last thought
Credit Card Numbers - Credit cards are tools that are useful for making purchases. However, users must be very careful because they often bring it into a debt hole. Responsible use must always be practiced.

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