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Make your quote pithy. You want your quote to become a pithy, which means packing a lot of meaning to be a short phrase. Your quote must be like the main editor that attracts attention, rather than a long story on the back of the business section. The following examples illustrate how one can pack up a lot of meaning to be a short quote:

Diary Anne Frank from a young girl including a line: "How beautiful there is no need to wait for a moment before starting to improve the world."
John F. Kennedy said, "When we express our gratitude, we must not forget that the highest appreciation is not words, but to live with them."

Use the image to communicate meaning. Clear images can help you pack a lot of meaning to be a short phrase. Good quotes often arouse and impressive because certain images are written by quotes to mind. So, you can start by brainstorming various images or images to reach your quote.

John Berger wrote: "In the composition of Degas with several dancers, steps, and their movements often resemble alphabet letters that are almost geometric, while their body and head are stubborn, close and individuals."

Use the metaphor. If you attach a name or image to one thing that belongs to something else and doesn't use "like" or "as" to make a comparison, you make a metaphor.
For example, you can write: "His eyes light month."
The metaphor allows your writing to become more economical and concise. If your metaphor is right, people will remember it as a great quote. - Integrate data into quotes. People may be more likely to remember your quote if data references are important or surprising. However, instead of integrating actual numbers and decimal points, you must use estimates and ratios. For example, you can use phrases like, "twice as many" or "a third of Americans."

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