mucormycosis fungal infections

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The steroid dose is too high
One of the recommended covid treatments from the National Health Institute in the US is 32mg a day steroid methylprednisolone.

In March 2020, Indian guidelines for treatment recommended 1-2mg methyprednisolone per kilo weight for patients with severe symptoms (so 70-140mg for 70kg people).

It is updated in June 2020 with a lower methylprednisolone dose (35-70mg per day for 70kg people) for three days for moderate cases and original doses recommended (70-140mg per day for 70kg people) for five to seven days) for five Up to seven days) for five to seven days for severe cases.

The latest guidelines from April 2021 did not change the dose per day but recommend an increase in the duration of therapy, five to ten days, for moderate and severe cases.

Even so, Indian recommendations still function for various moderate and heavy categories - from a low of around 35 mg to a height of 140 mg (for 70kg people). This is in contrast to the recommendation of 32mg (total daily dose) in the US.

The Indian government spokesman has linked the increase in fungal infections to the facts of doctors in the country may have steroids used irrationally.

But given the government guidelines themselves for the use of steroids much higher than in other countries, there must be an analysis of whether this can contribute to the increase in significant fungal infections.

The findings will have major implications in Indian Pandemic Management.

Hundreds of people died from mucormycosis fungal infections after Covid 19 - About 12,000 cases of musicycosis have been reported throughout the country in recent months.

It is said to be caused by abuse of steroids and antibiotics (which disrupt our ability to fight this fungal infection) in covid care, and the number of patients is high with poorly controlled diabetes where the tissue is damaged.

Mucormycosis is most commonly manifested in the nose and sinus, but from there can spread to the eyes, lungs and brain. It also affects other organs including the skin.

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