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People in ancient times used to calculate to collect data using an abacus or perhaps more modernly using a calculator. However, the two types of calculators are not effective and fast enough in carrying out the calculation process. Especially if the process is in formal work conditions.

With a lot of data that must be calculated and evaluated, of course it will take a lot of time if all of it is done manually. Therefore, scientists in ancient times, Charles Babbage in the 1946's made a sophisticated evolution of technology that we know today with computers.

One of the computer technologies that you might be familiar with is Asus, MAC Book, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Dell and others. However, do not imagine that the computer in the past was shaped like a computer today, well.

It is small, portable and easy to use. The first computer was not that attractive, it would even be difficult to carry it anywhere. So what about the development of computer technology from generation to generation?

Without needing to wait long, we should just talk about computer technology, its history, and its development to date. You can read the review below.

Computer technology - There are many definitions of computers put forward by experts. Among them, the notion of a computer according to Robert H Blissmer, is an electronic device that has the ability to accept many tasks ranging from receiving input, processing input according to instructions, storing these commands and turning them into output in the form of information.

Researcher V.C Hamacher also defines this, the difference according to Hamacher, a computer is like a fast electronic calculator that can accept digital input, then process it based on a program stored in the computer and issue it in the form of information output.

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