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A computer or laptop suddenly gets an error even though it was still running smoothly is a common thing experienced by Windows users.

The error can be caused by many things and may feel terrible. If that happens, you don't need to panic right away because there are computer error first aid steps that you can do, especially for novice users.

Currently, there are many applications that you can use to tutorial fix it, both from third parties and from the Windows operating system itself. Therefore, this method is very easy to do without fear of making the error worse.

Here are 4 things you need to do to diagnose and fix errors that occur on your Windows computer or laptop.

Find Out Meaning of BSOD Code
This section is specifically for those of you who experience the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD as seen above, if not then you can skip it. The appearance of a BSOD suddenly while using a computer does feel quite scary because most users do not know what a BSOD is full of computer jargon.

BSOD itself is actually an error display that is raised by the Windows operating system when a fatal error occurs. There are so many causes for a BSOD to appear, whether it's severe or just a minor installation error. You can also use the BSOD to start a fault diagnosis.

Every time a BSOD appears, you should be able to see an information containing the code why the system failed. Usually the code will be 0x0000f4 or PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Now with this code you can make an initial diagnosis of damage that might be able to directly lead to the core of the problem.

You definitely won't understand what the code means, so you'll have to Google it and find out what's causing it. For example, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA means that there is an error in memory, especially RAM. So you can immediately do a RAM test or try using just one if there are several RAMs installed.

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