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by Asd fg (25.10.2021)

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Netflix is ​​an online streaming platform, where users can choose movies and television series to watch anywhere and anytime. You can enjoy this service using a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This service can be enjoyed by paying a monthly subscription fee starting from IDR 109,000.

Just imagine that Netflix is ​​like YouTube which provides movies and television series that are legal to watch. Of course, this has received a very pleasant response from fans of western films and television series in Indonesia.

The presence of Netflix has indeed become a fun new alternative to switch from local television broadcasts which are arguably less quality. Fun again, Netflix provides a free promo for the first month.

After the following month they are not satisfied, users can stop at any time without being bound by a subscription contract. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this service? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Netflix service which are summarized by us.

Netflix advantages

1. Complete content collection

This streaming service provides a variety of video content that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. There are two main categories, namely movies and TV series.

Then the two categories are further divided by genre, such as Horror, Action, Comedies, Romance, and others. Netflix does have permission to legally broadcast movies and TV series from various countries.

Netflix Daily - However, the permit is also limited by region. So there is some content that cannot be broadcast in Indonesia. In addition, Netflix also has several quality TV series broadcasts such as Daredevil, Master of None, Jessica Jones, and many others.

2. There are several features that pamper users

Netflix also has several features that can please users, such as Profiled, My List, and Continue. The Profiled feature is useful for creating different accounts. For example, accounts for children.

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