Tips for Planning Traveling during a Pandemic

by Asd fg (11.11.2021)

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A survey conducted by Bloom Consulting shows that millennials born in 1981 to 1996 are more daring to take a vacation in the midst of a pandemic than generations above and below.

No problem, it's normal! It is very natural that after you are always confined in the house, the feeling of wanting to vacation and traveling becomes inevitable. Even so, don't forget to apply health protocols, okay?

Here are tips for safe traveling in the midst of a pandemic that millennials must pay attention to, based on a RedDorz press release.

Choose refundable tickets and accommodation

It is recommended to purchase tickets and accommodation which are refundable or refundable. Many online ticket platforms provide refundable features. Usually these provisions can be seen on the room selection page or travel ticket.

travel around the world - The refundable feature is very useful during a pandemic so you don't lose too much if you have to cancel your trip. The reason is, every time you travel you will usually be tested for COVID-19. Now if it turns out to be positive, of course you can't go and the ticket will be forfeited.

Choose an outdoor and quiet destination

As much as possible choose an outdoor destination that is empty of visitors. The risk of transmitting COVID-19 will be much reduced if you are in an open space. In addition, the COVID-19 virus spreads easily in densely populated areas. So, pay close attention to your destination!

Make sure your body is healthy and fit before leaving

Ensuring the body is in a healthy and fit condition is the most important and crucial thing during this pandemic. Don't force a vacation if you feel unwell or unfit.

If necessary, you can take a rapid test or swab independently. You can take the test results with you on vacation just in case. Moreover, there are several tourist destinations that require visitors to bring a COVID-19 free letter.

Besides always remembering 'mother's message' by implementing 5M. Namely wearing masks properly, washing hands, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, and reducing mobility.

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