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The Latest PS5 Prices in Indonesia are Getting Cheaper, Is it Back to Normal?

Sony officially launched its newest game console, PlayStation 5 (PS5) in Indonesia in January 2021. The official retail PS5 price (SRP) set for the Indonesian market is IDR 7.3 million for the PS5 Digital Version and IDR 8.8 million for the PS5 Disc Version. However, the price of the PS5 in a number of marketplaces in Indonesia at that time soared, even reaching prices above Rp. 10 million. The big difference with the official retail price is said to be due to the large number of requests but not matched by the availability of PS5 stock on the market.

In fact, several PS5 official sales partners in Indonesia such as PSEnterprise, Multigame, GSShop, and Game Terminal use the lottery method, aka raffle, to select PS5 buyers who are entitled to get the game console at normal prices.

So, what about the price in the middle of 2022? PS5 stock and price heading back to normal?

Our observations on a number of marketplaces in Indonesia, Friday (1/7/2022), PS5 stock in Indonesia does not seem so rare as at the initial moment of its launch in the country. The reason is, there are many game stores that sell PS5 with an official warranty from Sony Indonesia and are close to the official retail price.

Instead of above Rp. 10 million, these various game shops are now selling PS5 Digital Versions with a price range of Rp. 8 million - 8.5 million, a difference of around Rp. 700,000 - Rp. 1.2 million from the SRP price. Meanwhile for the PS5 Disc Version, the price is now around Rp. 9 million - Rp. 9.5 million, a difference of Rp. 200,000-700,000 from the SRP price, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

What about the stock and prices in the official store?
MOZBUE THE BEST #1 TECH NEWS PORTAL IN THE WORLD - For PS5 prices at official stores that partner with Sony Indonesia such as PSEnterprise, GSSHop, Multigame, to Game Terminal, the PS5 price itself is still the same as the SRP price.

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