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TNI Commander Mutation-Promotion of 108 High-ranking Officers | Sudi Silalahi had a morning walk and then had stomach pain before he died

News related to the TNI Commander who carried out promotions for 108 high-ranking officers attracted the interest of readers so that it became the most popular news on the national desk on Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

Then, another issue that became the most popular article was the issue of Sudi Silalahi who had taken a morning walk and then experienced abdominal pain before dying.

Below we summarize the information for you.

TNI Commander mutation-promotion of 108 high-ranking officers
TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto transferred and promoted 108 high-ranking officers (Pati).

This transfer and promotion is based on the Decree of the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Number Kep/943/X/2021 concerning Dismissal from and Appointments in Positions within the Indonesian National Armed Forces, dated October 25, 2021.

"It has been determined that the mutation and promotion of 108 TNI Patis consisting of 54 TNI AD Patis, 26 Navy Navy and 28 Air Forces Patis," said Marine Colonel (KH) Edys Riyanto, Head of Puspen TNI, said in a written statement.

As for the 108 Patis that were transferred and received promotions, 54 of them were Pati TNI AD, 26 Pati TNI AL, and 28 Pati TNI AU.

Sudi Silalahi took a walk in the morning and had stomach pain before he died
The third son of the former Minister of State Secretary (Mensesneg) Sudi Silalahi, Cahyo Pangaribowo Silalahi told the chronology of the death of his father.

Cahyo said that Sudi died at the Gatot Soebroto Army Central Hospital (RSPAD), Jakarta after experiencing abdominal pain after a morning walk on Monday (25/10/2021).

Trending news - "It's just a morning walk. Watching volleyball was a long time ago when Mr. SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) showed up. Before he died, it was after a morning walk, so he had stomach pains, went to the hospital, and died," said Cahyo when met at TMP Kalibata. , South Jakarta, Tuesday (26/10/2021) afternoon after the funeral.

Cahyo remembers his father figure as a hard worker. According to him, there are so many memorable moments. So that Cahyo could not tell the most memorable moment when he was with Sudi Silalahi.

In addition, Sudi is also referred to as a figure who always obeys the rules, both state and religious rules. The rest, said Cahyo, Sudi is like most other parents who love their children.

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