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by Alena Davis (22.04.2020)

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I've been contacted a few times lately by guys asking about penis pumping and if pumps were a viable alternative to the methods I recommend. Sadly, they are not. Apart from being the most temporary of the penis enlargement solutions (effects fade after as little as 10-15 minutes), they are also one of the most dangerous. Despite what any company will tell you, your risk of contracting some sort of injury is on par with that of penis enlargement surgery.

The reason behind this is that a penis enlargement pump essentially creates a low-pressure vacuum around the penis. While the penis can indeed be enlarged over time, the rapid expansion allowed by this pressure is far from natural. The result is penile tissue that balloons outward much too fast to be safe. Many men who try penis pumping experience burst blood vessels, loss of feeling, and even impotence. The bottom line: Penis pumping is a temporary-at-best method that often fails to look out for the safety or the user.

"OK... but is there anything that works for getting bigger?"

As an alternative to bathmate hydro I'd encourage any man looking to increase his size to look into penis enlargement exercising. Not don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you're lifting weights with your penis, but the principles you're taking advantage of work much in the same way as traditional exercise.

Penis exercises will have you use your hands in targeted motions to move blood through your semi-erect penis (this was completely painless in my experience). Over time, this stress causes your brain to react by increasing cell production in the penile tissues. It might be hard to believe, but similar blood holding tissues are found in muscles (this is how a weight lifter increases the size of his biceps over time).

Understanding "Realistic": Penis enlargement is really like anything else in life: If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. It's terrible that so many guys throw away money on pills and devices, hoping for someone else to do the work for them, when a real, working method is right in front of them. If they were just willing to dedicate 5-10 minutes per day to these exercises, many men would find themselves quite happy. You just have to understand that the results will take time; usually about 2-3 weeks for the first noticeable improvement, with more significant gains coming quickly in the weeks to follow.

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