Nerve Control 911 Ingredients Reviews - Can you detox your body by soaking your feet?

by jassica justin (18.05.2021)

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To relax tired feet after a hectic and stressful day, there is nothing better than a detoxifying bath that can help improve circulation in the lower extremities and regain energy through a bath that will help you relax your feet.

  1. Epsom salts to relax exhausted feet

Add about 1/4 - 1 cup to the foot bath. Epsom salts

detoxifying bath replenishes magnesium levels. Eliminate toxins. Relieves the pain of tired and swollen feet. Improve sleep. Softens the skin.

  1. Pure apple cider vinegar to relax tired feet

Add 1/4 cup to foot bath.

(If it burns you, you can add more water. It is likely that if it burns you it is that it is acting with the fungus if you have them, you can add more water or less vinegar. But always use common sense, if the burning is too much, use Another option for foot bath.)

For corns and calluses / gout. Eliminate the fungus. Softens the skin. Relieves the pain of tired and swollen feet. Helps against foot odor. Detoxifies

  1. Relax your feet with baking soda

Add about 1/4 cup to the foot bath.

Neutralizes chlorine in water. Relieves the pain of tired feet. Helps against foot odor. It gets rid of foot fungus.

  1. Bentonite for feet

Add 3 tablespoons of bentonite to the foot bath. Stir with your hand or feet. Do not use metal with the bentonite clay, it is recommended to use a wooden spoon. * Do not use the water again. Pour the used water down the drain. *

Eliminates toxins from the body. It gets rid of foot fungus.

Optional Essential Oils

  • Lavender - relaxing
  • Peppermint - invigorating, relieves pain * just add a few drops *
  • Patchouli - helps eliminate foot odor
  • Alcanfo r - for pain and inflammation in the body
  • Eucalyptus - anti-inflammatory
  • Tea tree - helps eliminate foot fungus

* Take precautions when using essential oils. More is not better. Although many oils are safe for use with children, please do your own research before using them for your children (or yourself).

How to make and use a foot bath

Fill a large tub or container with hot water (as hot as you can handle). You should probably use a bathtub that is not necessary in the kitchen. Optional: to keep the water hot, heat a kettle of water. Go pouring hot water from the kettle into the foot bath when it cools down.

Add one or more of the options above. For example, make a foot bath with 1/4 cup of Epsom salt and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Add optional essential oils. Just add about 4 drops total and only 2 drops if using peppermint. Mix the essential oils in a small amount of carrier oil first for better dispersion.

Soak your feet for 15-40 minutes. Towel dry your feet and hydrate with a natural moisturizer (like coconut oil) if desired. Always discard the water.

Do you have rough and dry feet?

You can know some simple natural tips for dry feet that can help you relax them and make you regain health.

For peripheral neuropathy, signs and symptoms can also include the inability to determine joint position of the extremities and/or extreme sensitivity to touch by the arms and legs. Cranial neuropathy can evolve one or more of the 12 cranial nerves; the general symptoms of neuropathy may localize mainly to the face and eyes; however, other cranial nerves may show similar symptoms. For autonomic neuropathy, because autonomic nerves control the function organs and glands, they usually produce many different symptoms and signs, depending upon what organs or glands are involved.

Nerve Control 911 Ingredients Reviews

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