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If there is one wedding trend that will not be lost, it is a pink pink wedding dress. And why is that? Pink dresses add a little smooth color. No wonder the color is a favorite of celebrity brides and designers of wedding dresses. Here, some of our favorite blush dresses. (Want color but don't become pink? Try a golden wedding dress.)

Can it be pink into new white? While the classic white wedding dress will always be in style, the pink iteration has become (and remaining!) Popular for a reason. Beautiful shade complements any skin color and can add a little mess with the look of your overall bride. Do you consider yourself traditional or non-conformist bride, you can make this hue work for you - it's all about the pink tone you choose. Here, we share some of our favorite pink wedding dresses used by brides in the hallway.

Gala 111.

Favorites of our Fairytale bridal gala collection, Gala 111 gives the main ballerina vibration. Mere corsets of these dusty rose dresses are covered in hand embroidered motifs that are accented with silver and crystals. The fine rope meets above the low open again, finished with the flowing blush train.

Lily Rose.

blush wedding dress - If you have dreamed of a truly unique mermaid wedding dress, Lily Rose is for you. The thin and installed silhouette is covered in the cascade of hand beads in the shades of antique roses, from the top of the rope to the bottom of the ballgown boss. Floral appliques frame it, creating a charm aura suitable for brides who are not afraid to have all the eyes to him.


You will be beautiful in pink in soft lace, right from our Allegra wedding dress. The dress was installed through the hip, with a rope, a rope off, and lace and feminine-plated beads. In mid-thighs, a custom corset gave a way to a full skirt made with a dramatic layer of blush and rose tulle which ended with a gauzy-plated train.

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