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by Asd fg (27.08.2021)

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For those of you who are in the fresh graduate group, of course finding a job is something that is difficult and easy. Because many companies open job opportunities for fresh graduates, but at the same time, you must be careful and careful in choosing job vacancies. So if you're confused, let's look at some of the tips below to choose the right job.

1. Choose the one that suits your ability

The first tip is to choose a job that matches your level of ability. It is very important for someone to know the extent of his abilities, because it plays a very important role in determining the type of job that is suitable. You who are fresh graduates try to apply this.

2. Align with passion or not doesn't matter as long as you can

The next tip is that you have to think carefully about whether you have to work according to your passion or not. It's undeniable that working in harmony with passion can be more fun, but isn't it okay if it's different from passion? You as a fresh graduate can actually add more experience.

3. Look at every job vacancy that exists

When you know there is a job vacancy, don't rush to apply immediately. Especially if at one time there are quite a lot of vacancies and positions in the job offered. You should look at it first, starting from the location, salary, to the rules and ways of working there. This avoids you as a fresh graduate getting stuck in the wrong job.

4. Apart from salary, experience is what you need - To survive we do need money, but don't look at jobs from the amount of salaries they offer. Salary is not everything, because as a fresh graduate, you need more quality experience to support your future.

5. Don't follow your friends

Then the last tip in choosing a job for fresh graduates is not to follow your friends. It's fun to work with someone we know well, but everyone's abilities are not the same and neither are you and your friends. Choose a job that is indeed your choice to start your career and develop yourself, because after work you can still meet friends, right?

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