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List of the Best Insurances in Indonesia & How to Choose Them!

Indonesia has various types of insurance companies that are still operating. With the emergence of takaful insurance in 1994 in Indonesia, the insurance sector in Indonesia has expanded.

If you are looking for the best type or insurance company in Indonesia for your financial needs, here we present a list of the best insurance in Indonesia.

List of the Best Insurance in Indonesia Version LMRA

One of the research institutions that provides a list of the best insurance companies in Indonesia is the Insurance Media Research Institute (LRMA). LMRA issues a list of the best insurance companies in Indonesia 2020

Based on the type, insurance is grouped into 5 types. The first is health insurance, the second is life insurance, the third is car insurance, the next is education insurance, and the last is travel insurance.

Best Health Insurance in Indonesia
In choosing health insurance, you need to consider several things such as the sum assured, the partner hospital area, and several other benefits. Here are some of the best health insurance in Indonesia.

AXA Mandiri
The first health insurance company in Indonesia is AXA Mandiri. AXA Mandiri released one of its superior products, namely Smartcare Executive.

This Smartcare Executive policy is perfect for those of you who need insurance benefits with a high annual limit and low premium prices. The premium price in this insurance policy starts from IDR 170 thousand per month.

The next health insurance you can try is Prudential. Currently, Prudential is one of the most sought after health insurances because it provides many benefits.

For example, in the Simas Sehat Gold policy, this policy offers benefits such as compensation for hospitalization, outpatient care, and compensation for death at once. For the premium itself, it is still very cheap, starting from IDR 171 thousand per month.

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