Choosing the Best Internet Connection

by Naina Kotova (21.07.2018)

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Canada is one of the very few countries that have the world’s best internet service providers (ISPs). For example, whether it is internet providers Toronto or ISPs in any other city, Canada is ahead of the game. However, when it comes to choosing the best internet connection, there are so many things you have to consider

Identify Your Needs

First of all, you have to ask yourself why you need an internet connection and how much time will you be spending on it. For example, you may need it for business activities or you might just need it for personal use. Once you know why you need it, the next step is to look for the internet providers in your areas.

If you have a small business, keep the following things in mind when looking for an internet package:

  • Social media usage
  • Support for website traffic
  • The frequency of online transactions
  • Downloading or uploading large files
  • Hosting tools


The speed of the internet is determined via bandwidth, which shows the data transmission during a fixed period of time. It is usually measured in bits per second (bps). Another factor that determines the speed is how you transfer the data. For example, there is a downstream that indicates the speed of how quickly you can receive data and then there is upstream, which shows how fast you can send data. To get a better experience, you must have a high downstream for receiving files and a high upstream for sending heavy files or hosting a site.

It is important to understand that the speed of the internet also gets affected by the capacity of your PC and how old it is.

Wireless Internet

If you use the internet on mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops, it is better to go for a wireless internet, such as Wi-Fi. However, when you get connected to a wireless internet, make sure it does not compromise the security of your business.

You must know that the wireless requirements are based on the transmission frequencies and types. For example, if you have very high internet usage and need to connect multiple devices to the internet from anywhere, your wireless connection requirement will be very high. On the other hand, if you only need internet for a couple of hours every day, you don’t have to go for the high data package.

Value Added Services

There are so many ISPs that offer their own value-added services and applications to chat online, use more than one email address, store files and emails, read e-mails offline, and have a website hosting. Internet providers also offer other services, such as blocking out or filtering certain content, providing security applications and protection against malware.

Technical Support

Many ISPs provide technical support along with their monthly or yearly packages and charge fees for providing those services. Therefore, always ask for those charges before signing up with them. The most important thing is to compare all the packages before buying any services.

Billing and Cost

When it comes to choosing the best internet connection, there are a number of billing options available in the market. Carry out thorough research to find out all the options included in a package; whether you wish to spend cost based on use or do you prefer to pay a flat rate. In some cases, when a person exceeds a monthly limit, he or she also has to pay surcharges.

Web Hosting

There are a number of internet providers who offer basic web hosting packages and you can modify them according to your needs. However, before you sign an agreement with a service provider, don’t forget to ask the questions, such as

  • Which operating system does it support?
  • What is the uptime?
  • If the hosting for commercial websites is available?
  • How much of a storage space is available?
  • How much bandwidth is available?

In addition to that, read the contract carefully so as to be fully aware of what you are getting into. All in all, keep all these factors into consideration as it will enable you to choose the best internet connection.

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