Think Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Customer Service is Just Hype? Get Ready to Reconsider!

by Donald Moore (22.10.2018)

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Of course, it is easy to think of AI as a total hype due to all the articles being published about it. You see it as something that is replacing the personalized and human touch you work so hard on giving to your customers. An analysis by Forrester identifies that trends showing an increase in self service usage amongst consumers is over eighty-one percent. However, it still has a long way to go before it becomes capable enough to replace support agents completely. It is, right now, a really useful tool that can help your support team members in working with more efficiency and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) carries with it a lot of advantages that support teams absolutely love. Support team leaders do face a lot of difficulty while dealing with AI, as they are not sure about how it might affect the whole team or their performance. However, in reality, support agents are in favor of bots, as they reduce or eliminate the need for them to do any robotic tasks. AI really helps in reducing extra workload off your team, which helps them focus more on their main job, that is, dealing with customers. A survey conducted in 2017 on agents’ perception of automation and chatbots concluded that seven nine percent of them believe that AI helps solve difficult issues easily and saves time. It also helps them improve their skills and gives them an overall understanding of how to handle things which builds up their experience.

These days, collecting as much data on your customers as possible has become one of the most important things in customer services. This is because the more you know about your customers, the better you become at helping and understanding them. AI plays a major role in helping your support team members collect as much data as possible. Kayako’s IT help desk software has the ability to help your agents keep track of your customers’ movements, which let’s them know more about their interests and mindset. Your support team can even collect data through surveys which are automatically sent to all their customers. This saves their time, while giving them input. It is quite difficult for a human to analyze all the unstructured data there is on consumers, but for an AI, it is quite a simple task. Not only will it be quick at analyzing all the data that comes in, but it will also create organized folders, along with both quantitative and qualitative data. Artificial Intelligence also has the ability to direct tickets to agents according to their skills and strong points.

Artificial Intelligence boosts your efficiency levels without affecting the quality of anything, thus is more standardized. Having a set standard for your company is very important, as it let’s your consumers know exactly what they can expect from your products and services. Instead of letting them set standards that you will have to meet it is better to create your own standards before they get time to analyze and decide what you are capable of.

Another reason why AI is useful is because even small or startup companies can use it to make their work easier. They can integrate their existing workflows with ease.

All this makes work easier on your agents, while promoting speed, efficiency, effectiveness and better quality of services for customers. Satisfied customers means more loyal and loyal leads to higher sales. Thus, a better bottom line for your business. However, in order for it to work well, you need to keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence is just a tool and the way you use it will affect your business. Therefore, having a good help desk software is also essential, as it will guide you towards the right things. Kayako’s help desk software not only offers good tools, but also helps your support team on understanding how technology works.

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