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Tutorial: Drawing Using Perspective

Understanding Perspective

According to Leonardo da Vinci, perspective is something natural that displays the flat to be relative and the relative to be flat. Perspective is a mathematical system for projecting a non-dimensional plane onto a two-dimensional plane, such as paper or canvas. The word "perspective" comes from the Italian word "prospettiva" which means "image of view".

Perspective is created because of the limited visibility of our eyes in seeing objects, the farther our eyes are from objects, the smaller the appearance of these objects will even disappear from our view at very far distances. On the other hand, the closer the eye is to the object, the larger the object will appear.

Perspective or point of view is a technique or method for drawing objects in the form of objects, rooms (interior) and environment (exterior) which are larger than humans.

Two important things to consider before drawing perspective are:

1. Vanishing Point, which is the farthest point from the range. eye sight distance and vanishing point always lies within the horizon line
2. Horizon line (Horizon Level), namely the imaginary line of the eye (not real). where our eyes are, that's where the horizon line is.

2. Kinds of Perspectives

Basically there are 3 kinds of perspectives, one vanishing point perspective, two vanishing point and three vanishing points, but the three perspectives can be further divided into various points of view based on the position of our eyes. More simply, the point of view / perspective can be divided into 3 kinds of point of view, namely:

a. Perspective with normal point of view
Normal point of view, we seem to be standing normally looking straight ahead.

b. Perspective from a bird's eye perspective
From a bird's eye perspective, it is as if we are above and see objects below

c. Perspective from a cat's eye point of view
Coloring page - The cat's eye point of view, as if we are in a prone position and looking forward so that the upper object will look more dominant

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