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Aim. To analyze the disease course in patients with chronic inflammation of the uterine mucosa. In modern conditions, the number of chronic forms of inflammatory diseases with latent symptomatology is growing; different pathologies are often associated. Materials and methods. The peculiar features of anamnesis, in particular, association of gynecological and somatic pathology in patients with chronic endometritis (CE) as well as sterility were determined; 232 patients with morphologically confirmed chronic endometritis were examined. Results. The following peculiarities were detected while analyzing somatic anamnesis: 132 (56,9 %) women had chronic somatic pathology; in 35 (15 %) cases two or more somatic pathologies were combined. Analysis of reproductive anamnesis revealed the following peculiarities: 178 (76,7 %) women had pregnancies in anamnesis and formed the group of patients with secondary sterility; 54 (23,2 %) patients suffered from primary sterility. While analyzing gynecological anamnesis in the examined patients, the following peculiarities were found out: more often CE patients suffered from dysmenorrhea - 140 (60,3 %) cases, uterine myoma - 32 (13,8 %), external and internal endometriosis - 36 (15,5 %), bacterial vaginosis - 112 (48,3 %) women. Besides, there was a high rate of chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterine appendages - 118 (50,9 %) cases; 60 (25,9 %) patients had different interventions on the uterine neck in anamnesis. Conclusions. Treatment with antibiotics administered to patients with chronic inflammation including CE is often directed only to weakening of symptoms, but not to eradication of possible infectious agents. Suppressive effect of drugs on immunocompetent cells of microorganisms can decline the efficiency of immune response to inflammatory process and provoke the development of autoimmune disorders in tissues.


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