Aim. To optimize endosurgical treatment of the epithelial esophageal and gastric neoplasias. Materials and methods. The results of treatment of 41 patients with polypoid formations of abdominal esophagus and stomach on the wide basis including 16 patients diagnosed hyperplastic polyp with moderate and severe dysplasia, 23 - adenoma with moderate and severe dysplasia, 1 - low-differentiated microcarcinoma in the hyperplastic polyp with moderate dysplasia, 1 - low-differentiated microcarcinoma in the tubular adenoma were studied. Results. Examination of patients with epithelial esophageal and gastric neoplasias by means of videoesophagogastroduodenoscopy with biopsy of tissue and mucosa in the region of its basis, chromoscopy and endosonography permits to exclude expansion of the process to the submucosal and muscular layers and to determine the possibility of radical endoscopic treatment. In case of localized dysplasia of gastric endothelium, mucosal resection with formation of a false stalk and welding of stalk-forming tissues can be considered as an effective measure for prevention of malignant transformation and in case of microcarcinoma - a radical variant of treatment.


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