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Nowadays, immunological aspect of sterility is an important and priority direction to be studied. Aim. To study the effect of seminal fluid and cell elements of ejaculate received form healthy men on lysosomal, phagocytic activity of neutrophiles secreted from female peripheral blood as well as intracellular oxygen-dependent metabolism and ability of these cells to form extracellular nets. Materials and methods. The level of neutrophilic extracellular trap and functional activity of neutrophiles secreted from peripheral blood of 17 healthy women (aged 19-35) during the first phase of menstrual cycle under the effect of seminal fluid (SF) and ejaculate cell elements (ECE) of healthy men (aged 18-36) in vitro was assessed. Spermiologic analysis included WHO standard indices. Seminal fluid characterized by normozoospermia state was used in the study. Seminal fluid DNCase concentration was determined with the method of immunofermental analysis. Neutrophilic granulocyte functional activity indices to be studied were the following: lysosomal, phagocytic activity, intracellular oxygen-dependent metabolism of the studied cells. Simultaneously, the experiment using the drug “pyrogenal” as a neutrophile activator was performed. The same indices influenced by SF and ECE were estimated. Results. Decreased phagocytic activity of neutrophilic granulocytes was stated. The level of extracellular nets formed by neutrophiles was shown to fall under the effect of seminal fluid and to raise while interacting with ejaculate cell elements. The role of pyrogenal as an activator is proved by statistical results. Conclusions. Phagocytic activity of neutrophilic granulocytes is decreased under the effect of not only seminal fluid, but ejaculate cell elements, as well. Neutrophiles interacting with seminal fluid and cell elements of ejaculate are activated on the way of NETosis. Seminal fluid of healthy men possessing DNCase activity contributes to destruction of neutrophilic extracellular traps.

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