Aim. To accumulate the data on the range of standard values of the left atrium (LA) mechanical function indices using the technique of vector analysis of endocardium movement velocity in healthy adults. Materials and methods. 144 healthy adult volunteers aged 18-64 (40,4±13) years were examined. All of them underwent echocardiography using the technique of vector analysis of endocardium movement velocity. The global (integral) endocardium movement velocity (vel), strain rate (SR) and longitudinal strain (LS) indices of the left atrium were obtained. These indices were studied to assess the local (segmental) values from the chosen points. Results. While studying mechanical function in healthy subjects, indices characterizing a global mechanical function of the left atrium and those demonstrating contribution of each LA segment during different phases of LA cycle were received. The left atrium roof indices were found to have lower strain rate and strain indices and higher figures of regional side and low wall indices. Conclusion. The obtained data on the strain rate and longitudinal strain can be used as standard ones to assess LA mechanical function.


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