Aim. To characterize the presence and manifestation of psychovegetative disorders in patients with ulcerous colitis (UC). Materials and methods. 64 patients in the phase of exacerbation were examined. The mean age was 35,82±10,99 years. The control group included 30 healthy subjects comparable by sex and age. Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (Zigmond A.S. and Snaith R.P., 1983), Spielberger-Khanin Anxiety Scale. A.M. Wein Questionnaire, cardiography with active orthostatic test were used during the work. Results. As a result of studying, subclinical and clinically expressed anxiety was detected in 65% of UC patients. Depressive disorders occurred in 43% of patients. Significant correlations between anxiety-depressive disorders, vegetative disturbances and UC severity were revealed. In 69% of UC patients, changes in vegetative background and vegetative provision of activity characterized by decrease in power of all spectrum of waves and growth of central (humoral) effects in response to orthostress are not able to assure an adequate adaptive level. Conclusion. Psychovegetative disorders manifested by anxiety, depression and vegetative disbalance were revealed in UC patients that permits to consider this disease from psychosomatic positions.


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