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Aim. To study the perinatal risk factors, somatic status, hemodynamic changes in early age children with congenital heart disease, interventricular septum defect, for the purpose of determining preoperative tactics. Materials and methods. 130 children of early age were examined using anamnestic, clinical and instrumental techniques. The main group included 80 children with congenital heart disease, the control group - 50 children without heart disease. Results. It was revealed while studying obstetric and gynecological anamnesis of children with interventricular septum defect that 71,9% of pregnancies had pathological course. Analysis of concomitant pathology detected that the most frequent pathology in children of the main group was perinatal damage of central nervous system (50%), then followed anemic syndrome (25,5%) and rickets (22,7%). These children more often had neuropsychical anomalies and belonged to the groups with developmental lagging by 1 and more epicrisis periods (<0,001). There was hypertrophy of the vetntricle: the left in 4,3% of cases, the right - 30,4% or both - 2,2%. Significant increase in end-diastolic and end-systolic volume of the left ventricle and growth of the left auricular size was found. Conclusions. In the preoperative period, it is necessary to create individual programs for careful preparation regarding anemia, rickets, micronutrient deficiency and changes in central nervous system.

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