Aim. To increase the efficiency of hand finger replantation during its restoration in patients with traumatic amputations by means of superficial treatment of microvascular anastomosis using 1% methylene blue in complex with heparin. Materials and methods. The results of complex treatment of 62 patients with traumatic amputations of extremity segments are presented in the paper. Patients of the main group (30 patients) underwent replantation including treatment of microvascular anastomosis with 1% methylene blue and heparin. The results were estimated using standard clinicolaboratory studies as well as arterial and venous US. Results. Clinical analysis of the main group of patients showed decrease in the number of microvascular anastomosis thromboses of replanted extremity segments from 43,75% to 23,33% ( p <0,05), increase in the number of satisfactory results of hand finger replantations from 56,25 % to 76,67% ( p <0.05) and shortening of hospitalization period from 29,12±4,11 to 26,21±3,78 bed-days ( F =1,1, p =0,04). Conclusions. Treatment of microvascular anastomosis with 1% methylene blue and heparin during finger replantation contributes to decline in risk of development of microvascular anastomosis thrombosis by 20,42% ( p <0,05), allows to reduce the terms of hospitalization period by 9,99% ( p <0,05) and can be an alternative technique for prevention of microvascular anastomosis thrombosis development in patients with replanted extremities in the early postoperative period.


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