Aim. To study the histological structure of hippocamp in different age periods in the postnatal ontogenesis. Materials and methods. The material for investigation was obtained from 50 corpses of both sex (25 to 89 years old) dead due to accidental reasons which were not connected with cerebral lesions or pathology. To carry out histological and morphological investigation, the right and left hippocamps were taken; generally accepted histological methods were used. Results. While studying hippocamp morphology in different age categories, it was established that in elderly and old persons there are structural signs of the lesion of pyramidal neurons and gliosis foci. While performing morphometric investigations, it was stated that there are statistically nonsignificant differences in the sizes of pyramidal neuron bodies in the corresponding fields of hippocamp in the right and left hemispheres. The neuron sizes in CA1 field are subjected to statistically significant changes – at old age their sizes are significantly smaller than in other age groups. The revealed tendency is true both for the right and left hemispheres. Conclusion. Old and elderly persons have structural signs of pyramidal neuron lesions and glia reaction. Regularities of changing pyramidal neuron body sizes at old age were detected in morphometric investigations.

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