Paramedic’s involvement in treatment and diagnosis of opisthorchiasis in conditions of paramedical and obstetric center

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Objective.Since the territory of Surgut and Surgut region is an opisthorchiasis hyperendemic zone and economically attractive for migrants, it is important to focus on the questions connected with early diagnosis and effective preventive activities aimed at increase of paramedic’s awareness of helminthiasis, especially those working at Paramedical and Obstetric Center.

Enhancement of diagnostic and preventive measures, refresher courses for paramedical personnel will optimize paramedic’s activity and reduce the risk for biohelminthosis infestation among the population living in hyperendemic zone. Enhancement of pandemic’s activity in case of population infestation with Opisthorchis felineus.

Materials and methods. One thousand patients, diagnosed opisthorchiasis were examined: 518 able-bodied women (52 %) and 482 men (48 %) aged 18–69. All the patients had a severe form of opisthorchiais. Reliability of results was proved using Fisher and Pearson’s correlation criteria.

Results. An assumption has been made regarding the existence of similarity between B antigens (III) blood group and opisthorchid antigens. Patients with B (III) and O (I) blood groups are the least resistant to parasitosis in comparison with the persons of other blood groups. The research allowed to distinguish two groups: more vulnerable B (III) and O (I) blood groups and less vulnerable А (II) и АВ (IV) blood groups, the owners of which are infected with helminthiasis more often and rarely, respectively.

Conclusions. Epidemic situation regarding opisthorchiasis in Surgut and Surgut region has been unfavorable for the recent several years. It is proved by high infestation of the population during the analyzed period of 2017–2019, i.e. 142.5 and 147.7 per 100 000 population, respectively. Correlation between blood groups, age and gender characteristics was determined. Analysis of paramedic’s activity at Paramedical and Obstetric Center showed that blood groups need to be taken into account in diagnosis of opisthorchiasis. The test for estimating risk of opisthorchiasis infestation was prepared.

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About the authors

Artem Yu. Gorshkov

Medical College, Surgut State University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Surgut


L. P. Filatova

Medical College, Surgut State University


Russian Federation, Surgut



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Figure: 1. Helminthological situation for opisthorchiasis among the adult population of the city of Surgut and the Surgut region (2017–2019), per 100 thousand population

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Figure: 2. The level of invasion by opisthorchiasis, depending on the blood groups of the ABO system,%

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Figure: 3.Qr-code to go to the page of express testing to determine the risk of opisthorchiasis infection

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