New in the diagnosis of benign thyroid formations

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Aim. The aim of the study was to reveal the most sensitive and minimally invasive method in the diagnosis of benign thyroid formations.

Materials and methods. Research of 735 people aged 30 to 50 years with various formations in the thyroid gland was analyzed: 27% didn't have pathological formations, 32% had adenoma, 23% had a cyst, and 18% had malignant neoplasms. In clinical studies, we performed ultrasound and transillumination thyroid pulseoptometry. Measurements of hemodynamics and optical density were carried out using the device and the method of Z.M. Sigal

Results. Authentic differences (P <0.05) cysts from adenoma were detected due to studies of the amplitude of pulse oscillations. Differential diagnostics of volumetric formations on the basis of traditional clinico-radiographic research is difficult. Conventional methods of studying thyroid formations don't give specific signs for differentiating cysts and adenomas.

Conclusions. The combination of pulsography and ultrasound as a navigation method allows non-invasive differential diagnosis of benign thyroid formations.

About the authors

Zoltan Moishevich Sigal

Izhevsk State Medical Academy

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9823-868X

Doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the department of topographic anatomy and operative surgery

Russian Federation, 426034,Россия, г. Ижевск, ул. Коммунаров 281

Olga Vladimirovna Surnina

Izhevsk State Medical Academy
The Republican clinical diagnostic center MZ UR

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9538-1808

Head of Department Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics of the Ural State Medical University "Republican Clinical Diagnostic Center of the Ministry of Health of the Ural Region", Candidate of Medical Science, Associate Professor of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy, IGMA, Chief Free-lance Specialist for Ultrasound Diagnostics of the Ministry of Health of the Urals, doctor of the highest category.

Russian Federation, 426034, Россия, г. Ижевск, ул. Коммунаров 281; 426000 Россия, г. Ижевск, ул. Ленина 87б


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