Aim. To study the influence of a sylvinite lecture-hall on the status of basic systems of the body and working capacity of students in dynamics of practical course training. Materials and methods. The object - 92 students aged 22-25, who were divided into two groups. Respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system status was studied. Working capacity level was determined by Anfimov’s correcting test and forehead skin temperature. Psychoemotional status was assessed using “SAN” test, Spielberger-Khanin Scale and Self-Rating Questionnaire CES-D. Results. Training of students in conditions of a sylvinite lecture-hall has positive effects on psychoemotional and physiological status of the basic systems of the body and their working capacity in dynamics of studies and course. Conclusion. The obtained data grounded the availability of using sylvinite lecture-halls in educational process so as to maintain mental working capacity and exclude students’ tiredness.


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