Aim. To modify the Sugiura operation for the purpose of decreasing the probability of esophagoesophagoanastomosis and dysphagia in the nearest postoperative period. Materials and methods. The modified variant of azygoportal separation (Sugiura operation) aimed at stopping hemorrhage from esophageal and gastric cardial varicose veins was used to operate 42 patients: 39 – with hepatic cirrhosis and 3 – with extrahepatic portal hypertension. Child-Pugh cirrhosis compensation degree was determined as class A – in 4 (10,2%) patients, class B – in 13 (33,3%), class C – in 22 (56,5%). Results. In the nearest postoperative period, all patients experienced full surgical hemostasis. The postoperative lethality was 33,3% and depended on the degree of hepatocellular insufficiency and severity of hemorrhage. No lethal outcomes were fixed among class A patients, in class B – 15,4%, class C – 50%. Conclusion. The main reasons of lethal outcomes were progressing hepatic insufficiency and infectious surgical complications.

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Способ хирургического лечения кровотечения из варикозно-расширенных вен пищевода и желудка


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